Name Dragonslayer Magic Guild
Natsu Dragneel Fire Dragonslayer Fairy Tail
Wendy Marvell Sky Dragonslayer Fairy Tail
Laxus Dreyar Lightning Dragonslayer Fairy Tail
Gajeel Redfox Steel Dragonslayer Fairy Tail
Stind Eucliffe Shadow Dragonslayer Sabertooth
Rogue Cheney Light Dragonslayer Sabertooth
Erik Poison Dragonslayer Oracion Seis/Crime Sorcier

Dragonslayers possess the powers to slay dragons. This causes them to rise above regular magics such as Ice magic, Requip magic, Take over magic and more.

All though dragons layers are another class on their own, other "slayer" magic such as Godslayer Magic[1] and Devilslayer Magic are also considered classes higher than the regular type of magics



Wendy Marvell Sky Dragonslayer:


Natsu Dragneel Fire Dragonslayer


Gajeel Redfox Iron Dragonslayer:


Laxus Dreyar Lightning Dragonslayer


Erik Poison Dragonslayer


Rogue Cheney Shadow/Dark Dragonslayer


Sting Eucliffe Light Dragonslayer

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